Free Range


We strive to provide our animals with as much fresh air and abundant space to roam as possible, preferring to shelter rather than confine them. Even on the coldest, snowiest days, the pigs seem happiest outside as long as they have a dry and warm shelter to retreat to when they’re ready to come in.

 Humanely Raised

Our farming system is grounded in the belief that our animals should have the best life possible, raised as humanely and naturally as possible. As a result, our farm animals are kept together in family groups for most of their lives, reducing their stress levels and supporting their overall health.



We believe in maximizing the use of our pastures and forage crops, which allows the animals to subsist predominantly on the plants and crops they are meant to consume. We rotate the animals over our 1200 acres of GMO-free crops and pastures, while our farm naturally replenishes itself through a seven year farm cycle.