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Harley Farm's Cross Country Skating Trail, CLOSED due to weather. We had great turn out. THANK YOU to everyone that made it out. Keep updated, if the weather gets cold enough again we will re open. 


With all seasons, comes beautiful weather, great for being around the farm! Call or email TODAY to book your farm tour!


$10 per person (kids under 5 FREE) taxes included

Interested in touring Harley Farms?

Here at Harley Farms it is never a dull moment. Come and see for yourself! Now offering tours for those who would like a further peak into the behind the scenes and to see how happy and healthy the animals are in their natural environments. 

Whats involved in a tour?

Take a full walk around the farms. Visiting groups of pigs, sheep and cattle. Get a brief overview of what each groups purpose is and see how they live. Giving you a chance to ask your questions!

Please contact through the website for more information and prices


Looking to learn more or get educated?

Harley farms educational programs has something for everyone. From learning about animals, healthy living and everything in between.

What is involved in our educational programs?

Depending on the groups age, education level and your interests we can develop an educational session at the farm or in your facility. Each session will get a hands on experience, interactive activities with animals and/or plants. There is always something new to learn at Harley Farms!   

Please contact through the website for more information and prices