Welcome to Harley Farms film page. Harley Farms has been a part of many film/commercial projects in the past. This page is a snap shot of some of the work we have done. Below are pictures of what our farm has to offer to the film or photography industry. We are always welcoming anyone who would like to include our farm or farm animals in film or photography. Please email through our webpage with any inquires.    



Subaru Commercial 2015

Harley Farms have been featured in 2 Subaru commercials, to advertise the durability of the Subaru Forester. Both commercials were filmed on our farm, along with the use of our Wiltshire horned sheep in the 2015 commercial.

Subaru Commercial 2016

Hannibal TV Series

Our Tamworth pigs were featured in a TV series called Hannibal. Mason (character in picture below) was portrayed to be breading them for his own use. To see our pigs in action watch Hannibal season 2 episodes 10-12. *please note all scenes are staged to make pigs look vicious no people or pigs were harmed or fed anything besides their grain*

scene with one of our piglets, who is this mans pet, named pavlov.

scene with one of our piglets, who is this mans pet, named pavlov.

Water Brothers

Water brothers paid Harley Farms a visit to see the way we manage our waste on the farm, and how we naturally fertilize the ground. The episode is called Dead Zones, Harley Farms is featured in the last section of the film. Link to the episode is below.